Marissa K is a vibrant, imaginative singer-songwriter based in Edmonton, Alberta. As a fan of escapism, Marissa strives to transport her listeners through her songs into a unique, colourful world. She focuses her songwriting on storytelling, as her inspiration comes from her background in performing in dance and theatre. Her music evokes the vitality and nostalgia of songwriters such as Vanessa Carlton and Sara Bareilles, but has a distinctive, theatrical writing style that is all her own. 

Marissa's love of music sparked at a young age and she took early inspiration from Golden-age Disney films and pop queens like Britney Spears. Music played a large role in Marissa's life through her Ukrainian heritage, singing in school choirs, and performing in theatre and it was not until she co-wrote her first song in her final year of high school that she recognized music as both a passion and a career path. 

Marissa has been actively performing in the Edmonton music scene since 2012. As a solo artist, Marissa's shows compliment the energy in the room and there is always something to enjoy for everyone. While Marissa's soothing voice and solo piano have been enjoyed by many audiences, it’s her charm that wins over hearts. 

On October 30, 2016, Marissa released her debut single “Hush", a melancholy story of the lasting effects of abusive relationships. 

One year later in September 2017, Marissa released her self-funded debut EP Postcards which includes six entirely original songs. Each piece represents a different milestone in Marissa’s musical growth as a solo artist. 

Postcards is inspired by the classic pop tradition with influences drawn from Elton John, Billy Joel, and The Beatles while at the same time borrowing from the musical theater genre with bright vocals, relatable lyricism and piano-driven instrumentation. 

Every song brings forth a distinctive characteristic of Marissa's songwriting abilities. This EP creates instant favourites with a unique mix of artistic expression and catchy melodies. Marissa strives for authenticity in her writing and doesn’t shy away from serious topics, but at the same time doesn’t take herself too seriously. Written from a story-telling perspective, the songs cover a wide variety of emotional journeys such as overcoming fear, loss, and grief, while others encapsulate falling in love, believing in yourself and staying in touch with your inner child at heart. 

Marissa is currently in the process of writing a full-length album, set to be released in 2020.